I am based in Melbourne, Australia.

I am a husband, father, grandfather and lover of photography. I work both as a psychologist and photographer.

I will strive to deliver photographs to you that will take your breath away. I want you to feel joy when you look at them. No matter how often. In years to come I want them to bring cherished memories flooding back, evoking the smells, sounds and feel of the life you are now enjoying together. I want you to be moved, to cry, to laugh. I don't, absolutely don't, want you to think, "Oh yeah, these are from that photo session." If you are not satisfied with your photographs, don't think that they will achieve what I hope they will achieve, then I will provide a full refund.

In my Stock Photography my vision is to create compelling, high quality images of people who are members of groups that have demonstrated resilience and survival in the face of marginalisation and discrimination.

My goal is to portray the models in ways that advance their dignity and opportunity. You or your organisation can use these photographs politically, commercially and educationally to promote equality and to enhance the social standing of the people and groups that they portray.

The images can be downloaded for personal  or commercial use (license details).

If I can serve you or discuss your photography needs please call me on 0417 340 994 or email me at gary@garyradlerphoto.com

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